Concorso per la sostenibilità ambientale attraverso l'utilizzo di energie rinnovabili.

Una lavatrice con tre oblò per i diversi capi ed un riutilizzo dell'acqua attraverso la purificazione con una flora biocompatibile.

Implementability of proposal

LAVATOR is a particular kind of washing machine that, thanks to its combined systems of water-tanks and to its triple drums, is able to wash clothes of different colours in only one multi washing cycle, reducing energy and water consumption and pollution, basing on the waste water phytodepuration:1_tank-A stores: dirty water of the latest washing; aquatic macrophytes and porous stones that work as filters to purify water, removing, in about 2 days, nitrogen and phosphorous coming from detergents;2_tank-B stores depurated water;3_drums: A-white clothes, B-coloureds, C-blacks; 4_water starts to drop from drum A (75°C) to B (reusing water already hot) to C 5_sensors can supply water storage, with additional one coming from the civic system;6_water restarts the cycle to tank A